My Beauty-Full World…

A personal blog that was created to promote the beauty that our world has in all aspects! A beauty that under the harsh reality of politics, war, finance, destruction of the environment and so much more, we forget that it even exists and it is right there awaiting from us to actually see it… We forget that that as humans and as personalities we have a unique and authentic beauty within. 

My Beauty-Full World is a result of belief, love and passion about the beauty of life itself. Being able to share thoughts, ideas, memories…Having the initiative to make suggestions about fashion, culture, food, travel and so much more will be my outmost pleasure! Let us begin this Beauty-Full journey together and let us cherish and enjoy every moment of it! Because after all we are the ones responsible for creating our own Beauty-Full World! 

                                                                                  Loats of Lov,

                                                                                                                         Paola… x