It’s Monday and we need a boost up!

It’s Monday and we need a boost up!

Hello my loves! Yeah, it is Monday morning and we are all still in that vacation mode that the weekend gave us! So, let’s get some Monday motivation to start off our week and reach for our goals! What and how I do it? Well, on Mondays, I try to get out of bed early enough to have time for a quick boosting workout! It only takes 40-45 minutes but I keep it intense! (Remember to have a banana before you start working out and drink water during exercise)!

My Monday workout routine starts with 15 minutes on the treadmill where I walk on a speed of 6mph for the first 5 minutes and then I jog for the next 9 minutes at a speed of 8.5mph, to cool down the last minute at a speed of 4.5mph. I then head to the bike for 5 minutes cycling at a fast pace on Level 2.

I relax doing some ab and leg work such as you can see in my video repeating every exercise in such a way that it will in total give me the result of doing 100 ab exercises. (You need to sweat for that six pack guys, it is true!)

I work more on my legs and arms while being on the floor by doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise and when I stand up again I use the 2kg weighs to work those arm muscles (I am 38 I need to have tight underarms and not feeling that I have some jelly arms hanging around). This is an exercise that I stole from my Thai boxing coach and it is really effective.

Well, to be honest I stole the weigh exercises and lunges from him but it works so good that I could not but share it with you guys! What I do is 10 times arms and then 30 lunges, repeated 3 times! It is a killer but trust me your legs will look the same way they did like when you were 20 years old! I know because it only took my legs to shape up again 3 weeks and I am so proud showing them!

After that try to relax and stretch and do not rush into the shower! Stretching legs, arms, waist and neck is so very important. You give chance to cool your muscles down and you increase your flexibility!

Right, the 45 minutes I am sure are by far completed so now hit the showers and make sure you have everything you need in your gym bag! Clothes for work, shoes, makeup, perfume, deodorant, clean underwear, hair brush (I always forget and try to sort out my hair with my fingers, aarrggghh!!).

Walking out of the gym, smelling good, full of energy and a big smile will give you all the positivity to kick start your week! Remember to eat and drink something after your work out!

Personally I always have my filter coffee with some coconut milk and a cereal bar with protein and a banana or apple!

I hope you enjoy reading this and watching the videos as much as I enjoyed the procedure of preparing them! I am not a nutritionist or a gym expert but I am sharing with you as a normal, average person, human, mum of 38 years old my workout routine which keeps me motivated and happy to start or finish my day. (I do not always workout in the mornings but also in evenings depending on my work schedule).

Have fun trying it out! Let’s kick start our week with an amazing Monday boost!



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