Incredible movie time with my Special One!

Incredible movie time with my Special One!

I love going to the movies! I love the smell of pop-corn with melted butter and I just love my huge cup of soft drink that goes along and with me visiting the toilet twice during the movie whereas I eat half of the pop-corn before the movie even starts! Some habits will never change!

You can imagine how excited I was when my seven year old son asked me to go to the movies to watch The Incredibles 2. It’s been nearly 14 years since Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles flew into our lives and with the sequel in cinemas now, what better time to revisit the family of Supers.

And for those who haven’t got a clue on what I am talking about, it is an animated story about a family of heroes that each one of them has a special super power. The mommy of the movie is Helen Parr, known in the Super world as Elastigirl, the daddy is called Bob Parr with mega-strength and the power to singlehandedly take out the bad guys and he is called Mr. Incredible. Jack-Jack Parr, the baby of the family, likes to sit back with a bottle and a good story. Violet Parr, the firstborn of the Parr clan, is an introverted and intelligent 14-year-old teen with the super powers of invisibility and creating force fields. Dashiell Parr is a 10-year-old boy—restless, relentless, and curious— with the remarkable power of super speed.

What I loved about the Incredibles 2 – besides the story, the hilarious parts, the sentimental stuff – is the way an important message of the new reality in the society is brought to the audience.

The Incredibles seem to face some problems of acceptance from the society because indeed they are different and also because some of their rescue missions did cost a lot of money and disasters.

What happens in the sequel, which I never expected it is the fact that the family stays out of job as the program that the Incredibles are in is cancelled. But what happens next is that mommy is called on duty and mommy has the opportunity and the support from the company that hires her to build a whole new image for the Incredibles. So mommy aka Elastigirl is found saving the world and gaining the trust and support of the society as her position is empowered, while daddy…well, Mr. Super Incredible is found home babysitting, learning mathematical equations, trying to face puberty while changing diapers and chasing a full of super powers cute baby. He does not get enough sleep, it is always his fault about everything that moves in the world and he is so proud and stubborn that he never admits anything to his wife of course. He knows deep inside that he’s got this and that she must do what she has to do and this is so nicely put in the movie.

As I was watching the movie and felt proud about the super elastic mom, it hit me…this cartoon has been so cleverly created for our kids! It basically sends the message that it is ok for mommy to go to work and for daddy to stay home and take care of the house and the children – with a few catastrophes on the way of course! And I think it is also quite healthy for the men that will happen to watch such a story as it is a good opportunity for them to realize that for women to handle a home, children and generally family is a 24/7 job and not the classic “what have you been doing darling? You were home all day long! I do not understand why the house is a mess!”

I feel the need to congratulate Disney for the amazing script and ideas because cartoons are not just for kids but mainly for grownups! Through cartoons we find the child that we lost on the way of our adult hood while we re-evaluate our life and our priorities, because let’s admit it guys, it is through these magic stories that lies the truth and the meaning of life!

Closing this article and without revealing the end, I will just add that mommy Incredible gets in a big big trouble and guess who is there first for the rescue? Not just the dad but the whole family! Because this is what Disney is best at! Making movies which are about families and are watched by families!

So make sure The Incredibles 2 are within your “to do” list of priorities with your special ones! And do not forget the pop-corn and the huge cup of soft drink!

P.S (My son was so thrilled he wants to watch it for a second time! Mommy as well! (To be honest)


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