How to bring out the best in you during lockdown…

How to bring out the best in you during lockdown…

Staying home for how many weeks we said? Lost count? I know, me too! Getting frustrated while the weekend is over, and you know that Monday morning is getting closer and closer? Thinking of your kid and the online lessons taking place tomorrow at 8a.m. while you need to take your place in front of your laptop and make that Skype call, send those emails out while finishing that task you promised yourself you would during the weekend but never actually managed?

I am familiar with this… we all are and especially those of us that have children around the house. And when you have children around the house guess what? There is no place to hide! Not even in the closet or bathroom because they will just stand outside repeating in a military tone ‘Play, play, play, play, play…’ and the bathroom window is too small for you to squeeze through and escape! So, you are trapped and guess what? You find yourself playing house or like in my case ‘Fortnite’ getting to familiarize with ‘skins’ and guns and ‘revive me’ kind of language!

And there comes the evening of Sunday where the kids are in bed and you start stressing about your Monday morning and your week ahead as you remind yourself that you are a professional with many years of expertise and you actually have a career to attend to! But your other half needs your attention now and there is this movie on Netflix you promised each other to watch together since last Sunday!

RELAX! BREATHE! You have the right to sit and watch that movie and why not have a glass of that rose and eat that delicious pizza! You worked hard all week long trying to juggle everything and you did! You got even more tired during the weekend trying to be there for your family, so now, make yourself a big favor and enjoy your Sunday night!

You can still bring the best out of you during lock-down as there are three very easy steps to help you thrive. And you can plan to follow these three steps while you are taking your morning walk or cycling around your block. By following them you will sure feel better and have a purpose set for you!

Step1: Set up your routine for the week! Structure your week. If, let’s say, you work Monday to Friday: wake up earlier, maybe work out, have a shower, have your coffee and breakfast and then the specific time you need to start working you do so! Have your workspace ready from Sunday night and make sure you surround yourself with things that make you feel good! Work until the designated time and when you are off work make sure you change into your home and relaxing outfit. Make sure you enjoy your weekends and change from your work routine. Give time to yourself and family to enjoy each other and as much as possible the outdoors – your garden if there is one!

Step 2: Set your intention every morning! What is your day going to look like? If you can see how every working day is for you through your agenda, then set a goal – an achievable one – for every day to succeed along with your team. In this way you will keep motivating your staff or colleagues and you set up the tone for every day. Seeing every task being achieved every day will feel good and will make you strive for more! Take time on your own and you will be surprised to see new ideas coming out of your alone time thoughts.

Step 3: Believe in yourself! You are unique and you need to use this time to find your true calling through creativity. Creativity develops new skills. Skills that will be very useful when (and if) we are out of this lockdown, which may even lead you to a whole new career. The world needs more creative people around, to remind us that happiness comes from creativity. We all need inspiration and we do take it from a lot of people we watch on social media. Keep watching the people who inspire you and take notes. When you are close to inspirational vibes then you absorb all that energy and you can share your own with the people around you!

So, structure your week, set your daily intention and motivate yourself while being creative and inspirational to the people around you!

And remember, this too shall pass, and we will all come out of it much better versions of ourselves to thrive!


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