2022: Make it all about you!

Today is the First Day of 2022…

Today is the First Page of a 365-page book…

So, make every single day count and make sure every single page you fill has beautiful content with actions which have a true meaning and memories which will last in time.

But above all, make it all about you!

Make this year yours, by making yourself a priority. By not allowing toxic people around you, by making your dreams come true…

Reach your goals and full potential without any big statements, without a list of resolutions.

Take baby steps and learn to love and appreciate yourself, learn to be happy with yourself. That is when you will truly be able to love and appreciate those around you…those who truly matter.

Give time to yourself to explore new horizons and new opportunities. Do not let the facts of the last 2 years affect your future.

Be resilient and stand up and fight! Find the lost happiness within you and try to enjoy the little things and the not so important moments.

Make new friends if your old ones do not fit your lifestyle…start a new relationship with someone who really cares and really ‘sees’ the value and spark inside you and wants to spend every second with you…

Dare to spoil yourself every now and then and do not postpone those plans of yours.

Try that new red wine and have a good laugh with your partner about that movie you watch on a Friday night.

Remind yourself of being active and healthy at all times, even when the alarm goes on at 5am and it’s 8 degrees outside and you do not want to get up and jog outside in the freezing morning. Count backward from 5 to 1 and get up and do it! You will feel amazing afterwards and trust me that coffee will taste so much better than yesterday!

Be enthusiastic about the possibilities and the horizons a new job or a promotion you are after for so long and make it happen this year.

Open your eyes, your mind, your soul and your heart! There is a lot of beauty around you and life is trying to sneak from the window again. Don’t just stand there! Open the door for her and embrace everything she has to bring along this new year!

Remember to love, to hug and to express…time here is limited! We only live once! But if we make sure we live good, then it is more than enough!

This is the year of surprises, this is the year of growth, this is the year of discovery, this is the year which is all about you! The new you that you have been looking to find for so long!

It’s time! Make sure that 2022 is all about you!

Good Luck!


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