When you have Ronaldo…

When you have Ronaldo…

Cristiano Ronaldo is without a doubt one of the most talented football players around the world. His devotion, dedication and passion to the sport he serves for so many years has gained him not only fame and riches but an outstanding legacy to leave behind.

He is the player every professional would love to have him as a member of his team to collaborate with,

to learn from him, to be inspired from him.

Because he did not become who he is in one night. Having read about his humble beginnings and how this boy, who is now a family man and a superstar, fought his way up and took every chance he got to develop his talents, makes you want to stand up and give him a round of applause.

Of course, some may say that he is selfish, that he likes attracting the spotlight, that he is difficult to work with and so and so.

No matter what, there will always be someone who will say something negative. This is how the world works. This is how the papers, the websites, the gossip t.v. shows and the media in general make a living.

But if people knew more about the sacrifices, he did to become who he is and how he continues with discipline and hard work to stay on top of his game, they would be more motivated to do the same or at least get up and try.

When he got injured playing football, he did not surrender to pain but he fought getting well and up to his feet because he wanted to play with the national team of his country to the World Cup. He could have easily stayed out of the national team and take a comfortable seat on the bench so as not to risk his career with his team but he did not. He chose his country.

It is no wonder that for every team this man has played, winning became the new norm, profits from sales skyrocketed, audiences and fans showed up more excited, team spirit was uplifted and the list can go on and on.

You see, what this man did, and I am not idolizing him, as he is like every one of us, human, not perfect and with his own mistakes to bear, he set an example for everyone who watch him or ‘follow’ him. He raised the bar so high where he had and still has to fight against himself every single day without ever giving up with one goal. To become better!

Sure, he got injured many times, sure he got into disagreements with his team players, even with his coaches, sure he had to sit on the bench, but he never gave up the team because he never gave up his dream, his passion, his vision.

Coming to the business world now, allow me to ask you this. Do you have anyone in your team who has these characteristics? Have you discovered the ‘Ronaldo’ in your team? And if so, what is your Ronaldo doing right now? Is he performing well in the system within the hierarchy of the business world and its strict structures?

Is he thriving by doing what you have hired him or her to do or is your ‘Ronaldo’ just sitting on the bench?

Many are the times that really good players become part of our team, of our organization, of our business, joining us with great references and performances of great success behind them, but in many ways, they do not thrive because we do not allow them to do so.

How? Easy to explain. Fear is the key and I do not mean the fear of the newcomer ‘Ronaldo’ in the team. No! The newcomer ‘Ronaldo’ is coming to join you and your team with that same passion, devotion and dedication he had when he was serving his other team. He comes in with his great professionalism to see how he can best help the team accelerate its game and level up.

The fear I am talking about, is the fear which is coming from the management teams who realize all of a sudden that the ‘investment’ you all brought in may disturb the way things used to be.  Older players might feel threatened. Threatened that they will lose their light, that perhaps someone like ‘Ronaldo’ may overshadow them and that is when they start their conspiracy and doubt games. And that is when the discussion begins of how to detain ‘Ronaldo’ and his ideas, his passion, his talents and skills because it may be a lot for the company to take in right now. So basically, what you do is that while you have paid a lot of money to bring your ‘Ronaldo’ in to make the change, to get things moving, to take your business to the next level by helping you and your organisation to achieve success, you just keep him on the bench.

Why? Because you are afraid of what people will say.

You are afraid that they will be intimidated by his dominating character,

by his previous achievements, by his reputation and fame.

Let me tell you something though.

When you have Ronaldo, you do not and I repeat, you do not keep him on the bench! You throw him in the field and let him do what he best knows, thrive! Because with his experience, confidence and motivation he will shake the quiet waters of the sea but as a good captain that you are, you will stir the ship towards the direction you always wished while your ‘Ronaldo’ will be that ray of light you needed for so long, which will get through every cracked door and window making the difference and bringing the light of change that you so longed wished to see.

And the team, as much as they may be shocked at the very beginning, when they see that you support what he is doing – as his coach would – because you believe in him, then the team would follow, having received the green light from you.

Dare to find the ‘Ronaldo’ in your company, organisation or firm and help him or her thrive so as to motivate, inspire and aspire others. Do not keep your good players on the bench out of fear of others who – have not really contributed or changed anything in a while – may be disturbed. After all who said that disturbance is not a good thing from time to time?


When you have Ronaldo in your team, you don’t keep him on the bench!

You trust him and let him do what he knows best! To be phenomenal with his team!


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