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My Beauty-Full Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone around the globe! It is December 25th, and as I am comfortably sitting on my sofa, in the warmth and peace of my house, I cannot but feel grateful for this amazing time of the year.

Last night, was a night to remember as our house was full of friends and family members, and our home filled with love and joy.

As we raised our glasses, and enjoyed the well homemade dishes, I looked around and smiled, thinking how truly blessed I am. Grateful that I am alive among my beloved people, as 11 days ago, I was in a very bad car crash.

So when we raised our glasses, I knew I had many reasons to celebrate, but one was and is more important than others. ‘I am alive’ I thought to myself and that moment I made the decision that my word for this new year which is approaching in a few days is “Life”!

In 2023, I am determined to celebrate L I F E in all aspects and levels and treat life as a miracle and everything about it as a beautiful surprise!

I know I could have died in that accident but I did not! I was not ready yet, and I shouted multiple times “No, I am not ready!” as I managed to get out of my car which was on fire, stuck at the back of a track.

“There is a nanosecond between life and death…” this is a phrase from my award – winning theatrical monologue…How many times have I said that line on stage? And it only took a nanosecond which could have costed my life…but I say in the play…

” I choose life…because I am life!”

And this is how I intend to live from now on! Life to the full! Enjoying every single moment, giving love to those around me, stop being afraid to try new things and speak my mind out when I must… Live, Love, Laugh…more often, more spontaneously, more intense, more of everything…I promise…because we only live once…and I plan to do it well!

My beauty-full Christmas, is one which I will always have in my heart!

I am forever grateful to you up there… you know who you are!



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