38… is not just a number!

38… is not just a number!

Yes, I reached the age of 38 a few days ago! I have to say that waking up on the morning of my birthday thinking that I am 2 years away from becoming 40 gave my heartbeat a race for a few minutes!

“I am getting old, I have 2 years left to have another baby, I might need to get a Botox appointment, maybe I need to start a special diet, maybe I should buy those vitamins, did I achieve what I wanted, is it enough what I have accomplished, am I enough as a person, as a mum, as a woman…”and the list would go on and on and on until…my seven year old son jumped on my bed shouting “Happy Birthday mommy! Are we going to go and buy some gifts? Can I also get a gift because it’s your birthday and because I am your son?” And right there I had the biggest, warmest hug I could have asked for and felt the richest person in the world…and right there…it hit me…

I have 38 years of life on this planet!

I have 38 years full of experiences of joy, sadness, surprises and every disaster and success possible!

I have 38 years of being surrounded by an amazing family and really good friends!

I have 38 years to come (hopefully) to complete more projects, goals and to bring new ideas to life!

I have 38 more years with my beloved son, watching him grow and evolve into a beautifully shaped in all aspects adult!

I have 38 millions of dreams that I want to fulfil and make them come true!

I am 38 in shoe size which is considered to be the perfect size for a woman, so I guess I can be proud!

I have more than 38 books, shoes, dresses, bags and all the ladies accessories men will never understand why it is so so important having them.

I have more than 38 thousands of times that I laughed and I cried out of joy and I am really grateful for every single one of them.

I am 38 years old and I am grateful for every single year I have lived…

38 is definitely not a number… it is much more…and instead of being stressed about every candle we add every year on our birthday cake and blow it out…maybe we should take a minute and consider the value of the birthday candles that we put away in a drawer and the be excited about the birthday candles that await to be placed on our birthday cake and be lit for celebration in the future!

Because after all, it is a beauty-full world we live in…and we need to take good care of it!



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