Life Lessons from Remarkable Women…

Life Lessons from Remarkable Women…

Is a must read book which is easy to digest, learn, be inspired, laugh and cry! The tales of triumph or failure, error or success come from the honest hearts of all 25 women that contributed to create this book! The book is available from Penguin publications and you can find it either at Public stores, online or at any bookshop just around the corner of your neighborhood. The idea came from Stylist, as the Editor in Chief, Lisa Smosarski explained. It all started in October 2009, when the team of Stylist had a very specific agenda in mind. That agenda included creating a thought-provoking, empowering and overtly feminist media brand that would only raise women up as opposed to tear them down.

Finally the idea came to life and it was published this year making all of us happy to finally have it in our hands and devouring every single page from front to back. Every story is special. Every woman is unique and every single one dares to share that story with all of us shifting barriers, insecurities or even fears that we tend to rise among us. These are life lessons for women, by women.

I was intrigued by the story of Bobbi Brown and her joy of starting over while most of us struggle our entire lives to reach a certain goal and then rest to it and lead a routine instead of a life full of challenge. Bobbi Brown had the guts to leave from the brand she herself created because she felt frustrated and thought it was about time she visited the Statue of Liberty – trip she had been postponing for so long. Waking up and not having to go into meetings made her feel relaxed and relieved for a few days. Then her brilliant mind started working on its own and she soon found herself facing the thrill and the challenges of a whole new project. And she did it! And she is an example to follow! Do not create a comfort zone and say “I did it” and hide there. Whoever told you the top is enough? There is so much more to conquer out there!

Furthermore, I loved Laura Jane Williams who teaches us the art of loving ourselves by stating “You’re not perfect. But then again, the interesting ones never are.” She shares 16 points/advice to all of us women that we need to be perfect in everything because this is what society has taught us. She is honest and brutal sometimes but I had a laugh reading her life lesson and I love the fact that she believes in educating ourselves at all times and ages! “Figure out who you are by figuring out who you are not.”

The above comments are just 2 of my favorite stories of the book which I highly recommend! There are 23 more for you to discover and choose with which ones you feel connected! One thing I learned for sure after finishing this book… Women are so so powerful! Never allow anyone underestimate you unless is part of your tactic during your battle so as to win the war, ladies.

Stylist, thank you for creating this lovely book and for empowering women in such a beautiful and stylish way! I am for sure waiting for more inspiring ideas and publications!

I do hope my article and photos gave you an idea for your next book purchase! Summer has not finished yet and the small size of the book fits in any of your bags ladies! Remember to be inspired and keep inspiring as we are the ones who fill this world with beauty in all aspects!

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