Confessions of 2018… Resolutions of 2019…

Confessions of 2018… Resolutions of 2019…

Welcome 2019 and may you have a good time cause I will surely have an amazing year ahead!

As for 2018, thank you for all the lessons and may you not return ever again.

For me 2018, was a year that life hit me in the face with all its power and strength in good and bad ways…

A year that I will definitely remember as the year that:

  • I won the ‘Best International Show’ at the United Solo Festival in New York USA among 130 countries.
  • I traveled a lot.
  • The year that I finally got that promotion I was waiting for.
  • The year that I managed to fulfill most of my goals.
  • The year that I was physically and verbally abused.
  • The year that I chose to remove people from my life.
  • The year that showed me every ugly aspect of the male human nature.
  • The year that I cried most.
  • The year that I had to give most of my battles.
  • The year that I nearly lost my son.
  • The year that knelt me in all aspects but I stood up!


For me 2019 which is already here is a year that:

  • I will win another title for my country making my son and family proud.
  • I will travel to even more countries and new places.
  • I will make the most out of my promotion to reach every goal set for my job.
  • I will help women that were/are physically and verbally abused.
  • I will cherish more the people that I chose to keep in my life.
  • I will believe in the kindness of the male human nature.
  • I will make sure this is the year I will laugh the most.
  • I will make sure that I win all my battles after I choose them wisely.
  • I will make sure my son is as healthy as ever.
  • I will make sure I will not only remain standing but also conquer every inch of what is mine in life!

And that is a promise!

This year is all about me! And this year, me and myself and I will enjoy an amazing ride because we so fucking deserve it!

Welcome to my Beauty-Full World! Stick around if you wish! I promise you, it will be an interesting one and full of surprises!

Happy New Year everyone!



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