September needs a red dress…

September needs a red dress…

Summer months and summer vacation are officially gone… We are all back in the school mode, work reality, routine and programming lifestyle – which admittedly we have all missed, yes you can be honest along with me… The leaves in New York have already started scattering while I see from the photos of my friends, that a scarf around your neck and a jacket is a must.

People usually say that when September comes you cannot stop but feel the melancholy of the weather changing and the fact that daylight becomes less and less. You can feel the shift of moods and you can see the change in the colours of clothing. Suddenly it all becomes darker…black and grey, brown and…red!

Yes, red! Why not?

As I was going through my closet the other day, I was thinking of what exactly was appropriate to wear to go to work. It was all in blue and black in my mind but when I hit that red dress which I keep for spring time as the fabric is thick, I thought to myself ‘why not?’

And then I went a bit further… shoes…what kind of shoes do you wear with a bright red dress and especially with long blond hair joining the company?

I was sure for the ballerinas I was going to wear because I wanted to be as much comfortable as possible. The option was between black, blue and white…but it did not quite match my mood. I felt that this was not what I wanted. Then at the bottom of my shoe closet I saw them! A pair of leopard ballerinas! That would do! I was excited to put them on and since I bought them last year they were so comfortable I would not have to worry about swollen feet later on!

With light makeup, hair loose, my red dress and leopard ballerinas I was ready to go to work with my happy mood on! The ballerinas gave a bit of an edge to my look so I thought I was modern yet classic in a way that my work and my position demanded.

Who said that September is all about dark colours and depressed moods?

September is the beginning of Autumn and we should celebrate new beginnings in life and in our workplace! And I found the best way to start off by wearing my bright red dress sending a message of positivity to all of you out there and wishing us all good luck!

Have a great Autumn guys! Christmas is around the corner for some of us!




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