What is your biggest fear? 

What is your biggest fear? 

Nowadays with all the technology surrounding us and the social media in our daily life we became used to living by posts and likes. It feels like we are in the middle of a hurricane of information. We receive so much information on a daily basis which is not possible to consume, understand or digest everything.
There are people who are now influencers and who are paid large amounts of money to post photos and comments of their whereabouts. Recently I read an article which mentioned that the influencers are now panicking because the Instagram will remove its ‘like’ button – which is the well known heart to all of us. People will still be able to like a photo of someone they follow but that will not show publicly on their account. It will only be visible to the person who receives the ‘like’. So, immediately the influencers will lose their power of popularity. The counting of likes will not be as important anymore and some of them will miss their free nights in five star hotels or the big amounts of money they are used to receive, for posting a single photo with them holding a product or eating in such and such restaurant.
Is this one of the biggest fears of our times or not?
On the other hand though don’t we really have more important things to evaluate and pay attention to?
From what I know and I have read – so you do not think that I have invented the wheel – people’s three biggest fears are or maybe they were… I will need your feedback after reading this article…
1. Loving someone and not being loved in return.
2. Searching for friends and not being able to find any.
3. Saying something and not being understood. (Which can cause a lot of problems)
Maybe, in other times the biggest fears were of not being able to get married after 30, or not being able to walk or have children.
There are a million things that reflect as fears upon every person. But nowadays do we really communicate those fears? Do we really fear that in our search for love we might not be able to find our other half or are we over-satisfying ourselves by taking brilliant photos, posting our jet-set life from the living room of our apartment, checking every 10 minutes who saw our story and who liked our posts, thinking that the friend request from a guy means that he is our next relationship?
I am just wondering how many of us sat down and wondered when was the last time we actually had a real conversation with our real as real in flesh friends, looking each other in the eyes and mean what we are saying. Maybe fear number 2 is here but we have not actually realized it.
As for fear number 3… tell me how many times haven’t we had a misunderstanding because our entire discussion took place by typing and sending emojis? Honestly speaking… plenty of times. And then when something like that happens, you pick up the phone, you ask to see that person face to face and over a coffee and a chit chat you realize how silly you both acted behind your screens and by tapping the buttons of your keyboard.
It is funny though, how we do have all means of communication in our hands and still true communication has become ever so difficult among people.
A famous Greek writer called Antonis Samarakis once wrote “Never the rooftops of our houses have been so close and yet our hearts so far…”
So, what is your biggest fear in this big – big world that keeps evolving with the speed of light?

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