Same skirt…different outfits, five different styles!

Same skirt…different outfits, five different styles!

It is Saturday morning and the weekend is here finally! Running towards the third week of home creative isolation – as I like to call it – I had to rearrange my closets! (I still have a lot of work to do, no worries I took photos of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ to share with you on another post.)

So, as I was tidying up, folding and putting away some heavy winter clothes to refresh my Spring wardrobe I came to meet my new midi skirt, which I bought about a month ago – before the lock-downs and curfews – and which I was dreaming to wear at work in so many ways!

I mean I love skirts! (I need to write an article about them but first I need to count them!)

I love midi skirts; I love the Grace Kelly type of skirts and way of styling. I find it so so chic!

Looking at my lovely beige midi pleated skirt with the most elegant belt, I felt so disappointed that I was not going to wear it anytime soon! Then it hit me! Once again! Inspiration! Why don’t I put it on and create a few different styles and outfits for different times of the day? Well as you can see, I did and voila! You have it and I do hope it gives you inspiration and ideas about outfits you would like to put together and share with me!

After all, it is a Saturday morning, we have no where to go, so a visit to your closet with the mission of trying out some outfits and creating new styles seems a good idea! Remember! Same skirt in all styles! Why not sharing them on social media and making a lot of people smile, while we all take notes from each other to use for when we get out of the house? Hopefully sometime soon!

  1. For a Casual Friday or for a Sunday Brunch, this look requires for the skirt to be styled with a nice pair of sneakers, Adidas Gazelle are always a classic and never fail, a t-shirt (this is my Hard Rock one from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) with a logo, a statement or an edgy design to catch the eye. Finish it up with the classic cardigan, to smooth the style more (I used pink this time as it matches my shoes. You can also match your shoes with a detail of a color that exists on the t-shirt itself as it will bring out that color detail even more.


Another option would be to just use two colors. Beige and white! This looks so clean and it really does not require a lot of effort. Perfect for afternoon birthday parties or casual Fridays at the office. All you need is a nice white pair of sneakers, a white tight top and cardigan. Well, I chose not to have a simple cardigan but one that my mom gave me -ok I stole it from her wardrobe – with pearls around the collar, something that immediately became an accessory! Why not adding a set of pearl earrings as well for the final touch? Loving this style, I have to say!

  1. Monday going to Work ( if I were to go to work on Monday), I would hit the office with the most amazing beige palette you have ever seen combining the skirt with a white shirt, beige cardigan and low heels to be comfortable during the day. As for accessories I must tell you, I am not a big fan of “bling bling” and I always wear the same ring which was bought two years ago from St. Isaac’s church in St. Petersburg in Russia. I would keep my hair up, so the style is not ‘heavy’ but remains ‘light’ with a pair of vintage sunglasses.


  1. Aperol or Wine Time (if the bars were still open) with a touch of black to give a little bit of sexiness towards the night! This look is also suitable for work if you wear black ballerina shoes to cope with the office hours and then change into those black high heels and conquer the world! I mean they are 12cm high, so you better be well prepared on knowing how to walk on them! When you do, trust me… you are on a whole new level! The reason I kept the beige jacket as you can see, it is because the weather still gets a bit chilly at night and we do not wish for anyone to catch a cold! (God forbid if anyone sneezed right now! Nope!)


  1. Blue and Dreamy with a touch of yellow! This is my romantic, bright, most radiant look I think, as I love the combination of light blue, beige and yellow! What did I just write! This outfit “shouts” happy, positive and elegant from everywhere! Now, this is a look I would happily wear to go to the theater or a fashion show – the shoes make their own statement, so you need to get them out there to those flashlights! A look, I would definitely wear at an early dinner with friends, feeling comfortable and well groomed at the same time. And speaking about friends and early dinners, well, hair will be down and naturally messy, no need to go to the hairdresser. (Could not find one now even if you had Aladdin’s magic genie!)


  1. Sign that Deal with Style, says the skirt along with the black shirt and cardigan. The combination of black and beige will give you a chic look, appropriate for business meetings, without looking intimidating to the other side or dominant. The cardigan adds a soft side while the black high heels declare that you are here for business because, if you can walk fast wearing them at 11a.m. imagine what you could do with that business deal they want you to sign. Keep your hair up for a more powerful and clean look! Everyone wants to see your face clearly when they are doing business with you. Besides, you want to show them that you are fast, efficient and you have more important things to deal with than your curls!


And remember! These ideas, these styles with one skirt and lots of options with either shirts, t-shirts, sneakers or high heels, with hair up or hair down, with or without accessories, for them all and each one to be successful, you need one very important element! Your smile! That is why I would advise you to always experiment with a nice colorful lipstick or lip gloss that will last through the day thus, making your lips and smile visible and bright!


Here’s to the midi pleated skirt!


Looking forward for your photos and ideas at


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