Be a Bawse…

Be a Bawse…

And Dare to Conquer your life!

This line kept repeating in my mind this morning during my 5a.m. Plyo Workout! (and trust me, when you do plyo…you do not want to miss counting those burpees!)

It took me 4 days to devour – that’s right – Lilly Singh’s book ‘How to be a Bawse’ and it completely took me by surprise! The way this girl is above all honest in her journey to success coming from a state of deep depression and becoming one of the most successful You Tube personalities catches your attention from the first pages of the 300 something thick book and its 50 chapters.

Yes, that is correct! There are 50 chapters but each one of them is written is such a friendly to read manner that while you are reading them, it feels like having a coffee with a good friend who is giving you advice about your career, your personal life, your health and has a great sense of humour while sharing personal experiences with you.


I have to say that being a Bawse – which Lilly explains as ‘a person who exudes confidence, hustles relentlessly, reaches goals and smiles genuinely because he or she has fought through it all and made it out the other side’- needs a lot of hard work and consistency!

This is a book I would highly recommend to parents to buy it as a present to their children who if asked about their career path these days will definitely say two things ‘I want to be a You Tuber!’ or ‘I want to be an entrepreneur!’. Well, the good news is that Lilly explains her journey on becoming both and even going a step further, becoming an actress in films and making her dream come true: meeting Wayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ (yeah, I know you know who he is) and not only that but becoming really good friends.


Lilly proves through her book that through hard work, dedication and determination no dream is big enough and no goal is unreachable. You just go to fight your way through to make it. In Lilly’s world there are no escalators, only stairs. And she tells us with honesty in chapter 22 ‘Take the stairs’ so as to build longevity in your dreams and plans. If you take the shortcut with a simple blow of the wind it will all fall. ‘Working hard feels good. Of course it’s exhausting and stressful and causes you to miss a party or two but at the end of the day it is so rewarding.’ she explains to us.

I also loved Chapter 47 ‘Be nice to people’. These days we are all so consumed by our plans and schedules and daily stressed out routines that sometimes we do forget to be thankful to the people around us and grateful to the blessings that come our way. As Lilly states ‘Not being nice is like poisoning yourself with bad vibes’. As ‘Superwoman’ (this is her You Tube name and that is how you can follow her on her social media) declares ‘being nice to people is essential when it comes to receiving opportunities’ and she shares with us a real life experience about the day she attended a You Tube party and a few feet away from her stood Scooter Braun who happens to be Justin Bieber’s manager. She was making a thousand scenarios in her mind on how to approach him and what to say but in the end she just walked towards him and said ‘Hey! I think you are really awesome and here’s why…’ As she later found out, Scooter was having a bad day and he really appreciated listening to her kind words. The next day Scooter posted a photo of their meeting on Instagram saying ‘Every once in a while someone you have never met walks up and says something to you that makes your day. Thank you @iisuperwomanii you are awesome. Pleasure meeting you as well J’

To be a Bawse you must constantly remind yourself of all that you have to be grateful for and learn to truly appreciated those things that really matter to you!

I am highly recommending this book and I am sure you will devour it in a few days like myself. (It also helps that the book is colourful and has some very nice photos of Lilly whereas the quotes she chose to share with us are just amazing!)

You can all follow Lilly Singh on:

Instagram: @iisuperwomanii

Twitter: @iiSuperwomanii


Lilly will definitely put a smile on your face with her excellent humorous videos which she posts every Monday and Thursday on You Tube.

Keep rockin it Lilly and keep inspiring us!




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