A Healthy Lifestyle is everything…

A Healthy Lifestyle is everything…

There is a lot going on the past few years about leading a healthy lifestyle and following healthy diets and meals. I have been a volleyball player and i have been going to the gym my entire life (mind you i am 38 years old). I love my gym time…as i always tell my friends, my gym time is my “me”time!

Leading crazy lives and busy careers, trying to multitask by being a professional and a parent sometimes it gets too much! And by having an hour or two in the gym for me at least it makes wonders. As strange as it may seem, while being on the treadmill and gazing at the Mediterranean sea (yes my gym is great) new ideas come to my mind, i concentrate on the important stuff or i just switch off and relax. I take a deep breath, recharge and continue the race with more energy.

You would think yes that this is ok and having a gym routine is enough! That is what i thought but at some point i felt that my body was finding the exercises too easy and my muscles were not strengthening as they should. Plus, i did not have the stamina i used to.

So, i decided to go back to my MMA trainings! Going back to my coach who has created a ladies group and training twice a week feels amazing. Ok i will be honest, the first two sessions i thought i would literally die and leave my body on the floor…but the worst came the next day where i thought i would not be able to walk.

It has been a month since my first training and i have two more friends that joined our group seeing the amazing results i have on my body. Everyone asks me how much weight i lost which i haven’t but my body is tighter, my muscles are sculpted and my once barely seen six pack is back for good. Above all i have my stamina back, i enjoy it to the most although we all sweat so much but i am over the moon that my seven year old son has joined the kids group and we attend our training the same days both of us super excited!

Thai boxing is amazing and you should consider trying it out! I surely recommend it! Make a present to yourself and i am positive that you will soon be thanking me!

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