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Who do you feed?

Who do you feed?

I am now reading this totally amazing book – which I will not yet reveal until I devour the very last page and then come to my blog and tell you all about it – and I went through some incredible stories that inspired this article.

People have been asking me why I did not write for so long…they know that I have a lot of things to talk about…especially books and travelling…I am literally in a plane every single month for the past year and I enjoy every second of it…that is also another article on my blog!

Ok, now you might be wondering…what the heck triggered your inspiration and you remembered that you even have a blog…exactly this! What I read and read and read again… inspired me and made me want to share it with you and add some more to it! Because this article is about us… as individuals in our personal and professional life…

So, this Latin American story goes like this…
‘There was once a young man who was about to turn into an adult. As part of the local tradition he went to the medicine man before he became an adult in the tribe. When he went there, the medicine man told him:
‘Here is this dog, it represents love, joy, positivity, happiness, kindness and faith. Here is this wolf, it represents hate, pain, negativity, cruelty and fear. Both the dog and the wolf live inside of you and they are fighting.’
The young man looked amazed and said:
‘Who is going to win?’
The medicine man took his hands and said:
‘Whichever one you choose to feed.’

So, my question is…who do you feed every single day?

As individuals we have the blessing and the capability to be kind, honest, loving thus feeding our dog. But at certain times we decide to be cruel, judgmental, not able to forgive…so we keep feeding the wolf.

This can happen in our private life as well as at our professional environment. I mean how many times haven’t we all found ourselves caught in conversations about colleagues or even worse criticism about our employer. How many times haven’t we heard gossip about this ‘friend’ or the other. How many times a person close to us hurt us and put us down with harsh words and wrong behaviour? And then how many were the times we chose to feed the wolf and respond in the same harsh way…

This kind of behavior reinforces the negativity and feeds the wolf whereas we should be trying to find the good and the positivity within us and to transfer that to others.

We are mirrors of our souls…and it is up to us whether our smile and our words or acts of kindness will have an impact on others and why not at the end of the day to the rest of the world.

Every day you wake up and you have a choice: Who will you feed today? The dog or the wolf?

It is up to you! And trust me there are more wolves out there than there are dogs.

There will always be those wolves who will try to put you down, to tell you that you will never be good enough and that you will never make it.

Do not allow their voices to get stronger and have an impact on your path, your dreams or your goals. Feed the dog…you know you are far better than them, you can do much better than them, because your soul is filled with such strength and light that they basically feel threatened by you… So, smile to them, look them in the eye and tell them ‘Watch and learn…watch and learn…’


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