How to stay positive during the COVID-19 new reality?

How to stay positive during the COVID-19 new reality?

Week number two is already taking place since our home isolation to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the outbreak of the COVID-19. The world is not changing, the world has changed and we are all part of a new era now. During these difficult times for all we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel and try to appreciate things and people that were taken for granted. The world has come to a big ‘STOP’ to simply remind us and teach us all of how to be HUMANS again… how to communicate, how to love… how to smile, how to… so many many things… But the first question people often ask is ‘How do we stay positive with everything that is happening and especially positive in the specific square meters of our house? Now, this house is our world. How do we stay positive during the Corona Virus new reality?”

Well, I am no life coach or mentor but as an honest person, a professional in my job, a single mom, a partner and above all a human that her life has changed like everyone else’s… I can share with you some tips based on my personal experience…the least I can do for you by reading this… is to put a smile on your face! Enjoy!

  1. Healthy Mind equals Healthy Body: Wake up early and make sure you work out! Keeping your mind and your body healthy is the best gift you can give to yourself these forever changing times. Waking up every day before everyone else in the house, will give you precious ‘me time’ and space for a nice cardio or yoga exercise. This could last from 30mins to one hour. It is up to you! You do not need much space! Just a yoga mat or a big towel! Remember that during normal weekdays you would anyway wake up early and go for a jog or a walk, then come home, shower, get dressed, prepare packed lunches etc. Now, why should you stay in bed until late? Get up and keep it up with your routine! Even if your kid is not going to school now, he will need to eat a sandwich around 9:30am. Besides you still must work but from home this time…for a long time if required! So, make sure you have everything ready to sit on your home office on time!


  1. Set up your home office even in your bedroom: Well that’s what I did! I mean, I certainly do not live in a mansion and my partner’s work is online based, so there you go, one home office space down. My son’s desk in his room is for his online (nowadays) education, so there you go another desk and space reserved! So, my happy place of working from home is our bedroom…which to be honest I love! The light is perfect during the day, as well as the temperature, plus I have the garden view with a tip of the sea if I stand up! As you can see from my photo, I did not need much. Just a table to fit my books and laptop and a smaller coffee table for the printer. Some flowers for decoration and my coffee mug! And I am all set in my quiet place to concentrate for work, for reading, researching and creating…I follow my work schedule (while helping my son with homework) which now might be a little bit longer than usual, but I always make sure to complete my tasks so I can write…which soothes my soul…
  2. Organize your bookshelf: As it can become a great corner of inspiration. I am sharing with you my little bookshelf which has all of my favorite books with the newest additions, which I have not read yet! Every time I need inspiration or a boost, I go to my bookshelf and I open a book I have already read. I find pages with words and phrases I highlighted and read them again and again. And that puts a smile on my face or leads me to write on my blog just as I do right now…Go back to your bookshelf, find books that thrilled you while reading and read some of your favorite pages again! It will fill your soul with light and positivity! It will boost your confidence and you will once again want to make things happen even from the desk of your home! All you have to do is to allow yourself to see the bigger picture!


  1. Dress not impress but to be comfortable: Today I managed to pull together this outfit! On top I wore one of my most soft and comfy jumpers and I was thinking to wear a nice pair of black jeans to style it. But then I thought that my son will at some point ask me to play outside in the garden with him. Playtime usually involves basketball and football. So, I needed to be ready and comfortable. My black velvet tracksuit (which is about 4 years old) and my black trainers seemed such a good idea. It is nearly 8pm as I am now writing this post and I am still in the same warm and comfy clothes. I still look good and in case I had a Skype or Video call I know that professionally I would still be presentable no matter the time zone! I mean my top has pearls, lots of them! What else can someone ask?


  1. Make up or No Make Up: It is up to you…I mean this morning after my workout, I headed to the shower, washed my hair and after blow drying, applying my face and eye cream I felt so fresh and rejuvenated and that was when I decided not to put any make up on. I mean I am still the same person and I feel good about myself! This new situation can also be a chance for all of us to take care of our skin by letting it ‘breathe’ while trying some facial masks with natural ingredients we all have at home. Ok, I have to admit that having good skin…the fact that I am back on my no-sugar for 2 weeks diet is helping a lot and the changes I see on my face and body are amazing! You should really challenge yourself and try it!
  2. Eating healthy, is a Must: We all have stocked our homes with tones of food (and toilet paper) but all I keep seeing on FB and IG like… all the time are photos of baking brownies, making chocolate cakes, eating chocolate waffles and Nutella sandwiches…hey, there is chocolate everywhere! I mean I am waiting to see Willy Wonka at some point talking about his new chocolate recipe …what is wrong with people? Where are all those healthy eating photos with salads and protein-based dishes? It is a lockdown we are facing to protect our health from a deadly pandemic. Nobody told us lock yourselves in your houses and eat sugar until you get diabetes and you die! Please, try to follow your healthy diet and stick to a healthy nutrition plan! It is tricky I know! I am the first who visited the biscuit/chocolate/sweets cupboard in the house, every hour of the day during last week, until I came to my senses and realized that soon I would have gained a couple of extra kilos, because I was developing a new – not so healthy habit. You do not have to starve but eating fruit, vegetables and generally any food that has beautiful colors, instantly makes you feel better!

At the end of the day, it is all about taking care of our mind, our body thus our psychology! If these three elements are kept strong and in vigor then we will be able to see the light around us and appreciate that what is now happening, as dark as it may seem, it came to change our lives to the better.

“Carpe Diem”, Seize the Day…and make the most out of it!

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Positive…you can!


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