Why being creative is essential nowadays?

Why being creative is essential nowadays?

When someone thinks of creativity they usually think of artists of every kind, professionals in the areas of singing, drawing, graphic designing, fashion etc. But creativity is a skill we can all develop and especially during these difficult times that we have to self-isolate at home.

Being creative can have plenty of meanings and applications.

Either you start painting the walls of your home or learn to play the piano or even learn salsa, it is basically up to you and the passion you have about this to develop it to a new skill.

LinkedIn Learning Instructor Stefan Mumaw, who has authored six books on creativity, has this definition: “Creativity is problem-solving with relevance and novelty.”

If we break down the above definition, we will see it has two parts:

Relevancy: Relevancy means solving the problem. Facing the problem in a way that it has an actual solution to it. A solution without relevancy is no solution at all.

Novelty: Novelty is when you have the ability to solve a problem in a very original way offering a breakthrough. A way that was not expected or has not been done before.

Putting it together, creativity is all about solving problems in original and unique ways.

Make sure you invest on your creativity because companies and large corporations can literally hire anyone who can create a code for example or follow instructions, but they do not want this anymore. They are looking for people with creativity. Creative people will be mostly wanted since, they will be the ones equipped with the skill to visualize the next chapter of the company, dare to dream while fixing old problems.

The skill of creativity is what leads people not to only think out of the box but to break the box and create multiple shapes with the remaining of that box while adding new parts.

So, while you are home and you are doing art and crafts with your five-year-old, pay attention because you might be having in front of you the next big idea of your company or your start up.

Dare to write your ideas down. Keeping a journal or creating a blog has never been easier. Now, you have no excuses. You have the time! Write it down! Why? Who will want to read it?

Why do you think I write? First, it soothes my soul and second, I want my son to have a piece of me when I am no longer here! A piece of me that he can go to whether he is seeking advice, information or a post to just laugh and tell me in his characteristic way ‘…say whaaaat? Oh, MOM!’

Keep your levels of creativity high! You will see that by being creative you will be solving everyday issues much easier in a much calmer way. Look at yourself when, let’s say you are creating a 1000-piece puzzle. Well, it needs patience, concentration and observation!

Creative people are very observant! They see things others neglect to see. Develop your creativity and you will see that you are learning while living moments that truly matter to you and your beloved ones!

Take advantage of this self-isolation time to be creative. You will feel so proud for yourself with every little creative ‘something’ you complete! And when this is all over you will be able to look back and smile thinking that ‘time was not wasted during COVID-19, it was used for ME and my beloved ones, in the most meaningful and creative way!’


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