Why having a massage once a month is vital…

Why having a massage once a month is vital…

I know that a lot of times writing my articles and posts I have mentioned on how I finished this workout or how hungry I was after hitting the gym or how I apply my make up after the gym (you watched the video on my blog I am sure! ) So, the other day I decided to give myself a treat and thank my body for tolerating with me for 38 years of healthy eating (and sometimes junk food eating), for the everyday hour at the gym and for those killer Thai boxing sessions with a nice and relaxing massage! That’s right! A full body massage that I really wished it would switch my brain off and offer me tranquility. So, I booked my appointment for the afternoon and there I was with my nice robe and slippers, waiting for my massage therapist to come in –hoping it was a woman – relieved at the female voice saying “hi” me!

Lying down to the massage bed was easy and I was immediately covered in warm towels while the music coming from the speakers was coming out calm and peaceful with the smell of the candles setting the right atmosphere. For the next 45 minutes I just zoned out and let my mind and body to think of absolutely nothing. I was really enjoying this and I could feel how much my body needed this pampering. Needless to say that I nearly fell asleep and I did not get up until ten minutes after the massage therapist told me to take my time. I felt recharged and ready to have a nice evening, feeling more positive about everything around and inside me. It was as if a big weight was shifted and I had more space to breathe. I was calm and I was smiling on my way home. That night I slept like a baby and the next morning I was up ready to conquer the world.

Being really excited about my massage experience I thought why not making some research about the benefits of having a massage and why it is so important in our lives. At the same time a big question popped in my mind! When did exactly massage appeared and how? So, I read and noted and here is what I found!

Massage therapy history dates back thousands of years to ancient cultures such as the Chinese and Egyptian culture that believed in the healing of the human touch through the energy the body produces. Records have been found in India of therapeutic massage whereas around 1000BC Japanese monks introduce it to the country. Greeks used massage especially to heal the athletes around 700BC whereas Europe recognized therapeutic massage around the 17th to the 19th century.

There are many different types of massage but most offer similar benefits. Before trying the experience of massage you must consult with a licensed massage therapist to discuss what type of massage might work best for you and how you might benefit from massage therapy.

Massage first of all is considered as a natural pain reliever while it helps people who faced or are facing depression. According to studies, massage increases the level of serotonin in the brain, which helps prevent or lessen depression.

Most of all a good massage reduces stress levels which most of us have them quite high with our everyday busy lives and careers. Having a good massage at least once a month will guarantee you improvement of your quality of sleep. Having a good night’s sleep will immediately improve your immune system and its functioning by stimulating the lymphatic system which helps the body to get rid of debris, toxins and pathogens.

The best of a good massage is that it gets the blood flowing thus making your heart working much more effective as it also reduces blood pressure. This also leads to something very important for all of us women! It reduces scar tissue or stretch marks which we all get during pregnancy. So more than everyone, all of you mommies out there go and treat yourselves to a very well deserved relaxing full body massage!

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